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Frozen Vending Machine
Frozen vending machine can reach up to -18 degree celsius for gelato, frozen smoothie,?ice cream, frozen meat, frozen products, etc.
Chilled Vending Machine
Chilled vending machines range from temperature 4 degree celsius and above for products such as sandwiches, drinks, juice, cakes, snack, etc.
Nuvend Sdn. Bhd.
Hot Food Vending Machine
Nuvend is a?technology based company in Malaysia who specialize in?F & B vending machines. We started since 2015 for?smoothie vending machine development and successfully launched to market in March 2017. The smoothie vending machine is the world's first innovation​​?with?blend-in-cup and self-cleaning technology. ​We provide complete vending solutions for frozen, chilled and hot food.

Types of Hot food vending machines:
1) Instant heating from chilled?to hot?
2) Oven box to keep food warm at 60 degree celsius

?Affordable vending solutions?- RENT, BUY OR FREE

Do you like the idea of not having tons of employees to manage, tons of bills to settle, or the idea of not needing more than RM20k?to get started in a fully automated, 24 hour retail?business??

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  • For event more than 3 days
  • High traffic location owner such as theme park, tourism places, high rise office building etc
  • FMCG or F&B?company want to test market before purchase (T&C apply)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
  • Fully owned the machine?
  • Machine customisation?available?
  • Private label available
  • 1 year warranty & maintenance?
  • machine owner take 100% profit
  • Installment & loan available
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  • Free on site vending machine to?your workplace, building, factories,college / universities to facilitate your tenant, visitors and students.?
  • Location owners provide?space and electricity to get free vending service

Partner with us for?vending projects

Our concept and goal is to bring cutting edge innovation, first to market, high quality F & B vending machines to the market.? We are not only the vending machine supplier but provide turnkey solutions?in machine design & customisation, intelligent?development,?products supply, installation,?technical &?operations support,?marketing and financial assistance.
? ? ? ?Standard Vending Machines

  • Glass front vending machine without screen
  • Glass front vending machine with 22 inch tv
  • ​Glass front?+ Box vending machine

? ? ? ? Specifications:
  • refrigeration/chilled temperture 4 - 25 degree celsius
  • accept paper note and coins, change in coins
  • online remote management system (track sales, stock and machine condition)​​
  • spiral coil, conveyor belt, elevator are available

? ? ? ?Customized Vending Machines

  • Frozen vending machine?
  • Code redemption/ voucher?vending machine
  • Hot food vending machine?

? ? ? ? Specifications:
  • frozen, chilled and hot available
  • accept paper note and coins, cashless payment?
  • online remote management system (track sales, stock and machine condition)​
  • Big TV for digital advertisements and extra revenue

  1. Fitgo Smoothie in Adidas event
  2. Cheesecake Box vending machine
  3. Fitgo Smoothie Launching Promo
  4. Orientaly Daily Newspaper Interview
  5. First version Fitgo Smoothie machine in MIRF Expo
  6. Fitgo Sampling @ Monash
  7. Snack vending machine at at Pusat Perubatan University Malaya (PPUM)
  8. Gelato vending machine (frozen) at KL Tower
  9. Healthy vending machine (Greenbox) at MMU library
  10. Sandwich vending machine at BASF office @ Menara TM
  11. A4 paper vending machine at Setia Walk Puchong
  12. Cheesecake vending machine ready to roll out to HUKM
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Our Projects
  1. Frozen vending machine for ice cream
    Machine can reach up to -18 degree celsius for ice cream, gelato, frozen food, etc
  2. The Cheesecake Box vending machine
    Chilled spiral coil vending machine with touch screen and big tv for digital advertising
  3. Glass front chilled food vending machine
    Machine come with elevator for fragile products such as cakes, glass bottle juices, etc
  4. Hot food vending machine
    Chilled vending machine with build in microwave box for food heating before dispense
  5. Fitgo Smoothie at Adidas event
    Fitgo Smoothie vending machine is the highlight in Adidas Runners KL launching event in 2017
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